Honoring Traditions to Foster a Sense of Community

The Meadows School campus with green trees and paved sidewalks in Las Vegas, Nevada
Honoring Traditions to Foster a Sense of Community

The Meadows School honors traditions because they play a crucial role in fostering a sense of community for all learners and their families. These traditions often create lasting memories, instill a sense of belonging, and provide a framework for social and emotional development. However, reimagining these traditions can inject a fresh energy, making sure they remain relevant and inclusive. With that in mind, we have reimagined two of our traditions here at The Meadows.

In Lower School, we have brought back the Good Citizenship awards that now tie into our nine Character Strong traits. Along with their awards, students can earn brag tags for each individual character trait. The students’ enthusiasm for this program has created a positive environment and further fuels our culture as a vibrant and supportive community at school.

This past Wednesday was our first Lower School Parent Planting Day, reimagining the beloved tradition of the “turkey flowers” that was started by Mrs. Verbon and her kindergarten classes many years ago. This year, we invited all of the Lower School parents and students to participate in Planting Day. Instead of making turkey holders, we updated the look with a spiffy, Meadows-branded white flower pot filled with colorful flowers. The students and parents enjoyed working side by side creating these beautiful gifts. All visiting grandparents and special friends will receive this flower arrangement after their time at The Meadows at the upcoming Grandparents & Special Friends Day.

These long-standing traditions weave a tapestry of memories for all of our community. Additional upcoming traditions include our Holiday Assembly where the student body performs “A Partridge in a Pear Tree,” our Lunar New Year Celebrations, and the Long Blue Line which will cap off our seniors' educational journey at The Meadows.

Lynda Newman
Interim Assistant Director of K-8