Board of Trustees

Meadows Board of Trustees
The Meadows School Board of Trustees defines the school's mission and long range plan, appoints and supports the Head of School, and develops and shepherds the capital resources of the school. The individuals on the Board possess a wide range of experience and interests that are representative of our school community.
All board members sit on committees that impact the strategic vision of the school. These committees include: education, development, buildings and grounds, finance, bylaws, legal, long-range planning, the committee on trustees, and the executive committee.
Our mission and core values were created by our Board of Trustees and represent the views and attitudes that govern The Meadows School in the conduct of its affairs. Serving as a guideline in the decision-making process at all levels, it represents a commitment to the hundreds of lives touched by the school.
Your decision to entrust your child or children to us is a choice we hope you make. When you join us, you will find an environment that recognizes and encourages the development of talent and creative abilities, challenges the intellect, stresses the mastery and refinement of many skills, and engenders enthusiasm for learning which we trust will be a lifelong influence. We recognize that thinking, perfected by training, leads to accomplishment.