Mission & Core Values

Lower School students reading

The Meadows School Mission

In its pursuit of excellence, The Meadows School inspires ambitious students to love and respect higher learning, to passionately serve their communities, and to lead meaningful lives as citizens of a global society.

We Live Our Mission Through Our Core Values



We hold ourselves to the highest academic standards by placing the highest value on academic rigor. Every pupil is provided with the opportunity to realize their individual potential, and students accomplish what may at first have seemed impossible. Passionate and talented teachers “teach them to reach” by promoting independent thinking, problem-solving, and continual growth.


A great education carries with it an obligation to self, family, and community. From the Lower School’s Good Citizenship program to the Upper School’s Honor Code, service to others, empathy, honesty, integrity, and good citizenship are at the core of The Meadows experience.


Successful education requires a three-way partnership between students, teachers, and parents. Families are welcomed to campus as active participants in a school community forged around a common appreciation for the transformative power of a top-flight educational experience.


Our strengths are all different, and our differences are our greatest strengths. Students and teachers value the unique qualities of each individual as vital to the shared educational experience.


Education is a journey, not a destination. We provide students with the freedom to explore athletics, arts, speech & debate, and other extracurricular activities as central parts of their educational experience. At The Meadows, students develop a love of learning by having the chance to learn what they love.

First Day of School