2022 Day of Silence

The Meadows School Campus
Whether it is cyberbullying, physical harassment, social bullying, emotional gaslighting, or peer pressure, bullying is a serious issue faced by students and teens across the world. Based on recent studies, 49.1% of all students face repeated bullying throughout their time at school, and of this sum, 32% are found within the LGBTQ+ community (stopbullying.gov, 2021).

Every year, Gender-Sexuality Alliances (GSAs) globally participate in a day of silence. The Day of Silence was started in 1996 by Maria Pulzetti and her fellow students at the University of Virginia to draw attention to LGBTQ+ issues on campus (nationaltoday.com, 2022). For over a decade, the Meadows School has participated in this event, but that participation was only interrupted due to challenges related to the pandemic. This year the Meadows GSA brought this tradition back to our campus.

Our GSA, along with others nationally, recognized the Day of Silence on April 22nd, to show their support for their LGBTQ+ classmates. Any Meadows Upper School students who wanted to participate took a pin to wear and elected to go through the entire day without speaking, breaking their silence at the end of the day at a rally on the Mall.
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