A Cherished Tradition—Grandparents and Special Friends Day

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A Cherished Tradition—Grandparents and Special Friends Day

Growing up in St. Louis, my small grade school was the heart of many traditions that stitched the fabric of our community tightly together. Each event, each gathering, was a thread in the tapestry of our shared experiences. I remember vividly the hustle and bustle of setting up bingo weekly in our school's gym, my mother, as the parents' association chair, directing the flow of events with practiced ease. The Springtime was marked by the laughter and joy of fish fries, and fall brought the excitement of decorating our classroom, inviting our families to join in our fall festival. These were modest moments, merely pencil marks on the calendar of our family life, but they were sacred and steadfast in their annual recurrence despite the whirlwind of our daily lives.

In 2006, life's shifting path brought my wife and me to Austin. One evening, driven by a wave of nostalgia, we ventured into a local fish fry, seeking the comfort of familiar traditions. The fries were lukewarm, the fish somehow not quite right, a stark reminder that the flavors of the past can't be replicated on a whim. The experience, while different, sparked a realization that it was not the specific events themselves that resonated, but rather the feelings they generated—the joy, the happiness, and the profound sense of belonging and community that came from being together.

As our family grew and we started to immerse ourselves in the traditions of my boys' school, each event, distinct from those of my youth, began to weave its own threads into our lives. With each passing celebration, a familiar warmth began to blossom within me, echoing the joyous sentiments of my childhood.

The tapestry of community is spun not from the events we attend, but from the practice of coming together. It is in these gatherings—as parents, as children, as extended families—that we find the joy of being there for one another, celebrating the highs, and comforting through the lows. These opportunities to connect and share our lives add layers of meaning to our existence, threads that strengthen the weave of our community fabric.

Fast forward to July 2020, when my family became a part of The Meadows community, a time when the world seemed to stand still and the threads of tradition hung loose, waiting to be woven anew. Despite the challenges, our community's fabric held strong, its resilience a testament to the connections made over years of shared experiences.

And now, with anticipation and excitement, we are poised to reintroduce a cherished tradition—Grandparents and Special Friends Day. This day is more than an event; it's a celebration of the intergenerational bonds that enrich our lives. It's a chance to honor the wisdom of the past and the freshness of the present, to reminisce about The Meadows' storied four decades, and to forge new memories with our students and their honored guests.

This tradition stands as a testament to our interconnectedness, a day where the threads of individual stories are interlaced, creating a stronger, more vibrant community fabric. It's a reaffirmation of our shared values, our collective history, and the promise of our future together.

So, I invite you, our Meadows family, to join us on Tuesday, November 21st, to weave your thread into this beautiful tapestry. Let us come together to celebrate Grandparents and Special Friends Day, strengthen the bonds that tie us, and ensure that our traditions continue to shape the culture and spirit of The Meadows School. Here, amidst the laughter and shared stories, we will find that we are not merely individuals but a family—a community that is infinitely richer for the traditions we share and the memories we create together.

Michael Orman
Director of Advancement

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