A Night On Mount Olympus: Prom 2022

The Meadows School Campus
“A Night on Mount Olympus” was a magical evening for all Upper School students that attended prom on April 23, 2022. The Ahern Hotel was beautifully decorated with grapevines, columns, and clouds to give the feel of being on Mount Olympus. Students arrived and had a wonderful dinner that went perfectly with the theme—greek salad followed by olive crusted chicken. Students enjoyed a photo booth and a charcuterie table adorned with a beautiful ice sculpture. The night concluded with the prom royalty leading the students in a dance “on the clouds.” But the best part of prom was seeing the smiles on the faces of all the students as they left the venue.
Sophomore Tessa Lalanne stated, “Prom was so much fun. It was great to be able to see all of my peers outside of school. The best part of the night was dancing with all of my friends and talking with them during dinner.” Another student, senior Joseph Naylor, stated, “Prom was fantastic this year. The entire experience was amazing. The venue being right off of Las Vegas Boulevard was super special and it was the best Meadows dance that I have attended. On top of that, the DJ was great. He was even able to play a TMS student’s song.” Senior Mckenzie Gross said, “Prom was definitely an experience many of us will not forget, and being able to get dressed up and go out with all of our friends made the night very memorable.”
Albert Ronquillo 
Dean of Students
  • Upper School