Making Connections: School Families Program

The Meadows School Campus
On Friday, September 17, we are excited to be starting a new program designed to help students connect with people in other grades, foster a deeper sense of community across divisions, and give leadership opportunities to our seniors. The program is called School Families and is modeled after successful programs in other independent schools.

For this program, students from every grade in K-12 will be placed into groups with a senior designated as the group leader, or Head of Family. There will be 41 groups total this year with approximately 21 students per family. All faculty and staff will also be a part of a group. 
To start, groups will meet once per month in classrooms around campus. Our Dean of Students, Albert Ronquillo, with input from division directors, will work with the seniors to plan activities designed to get the students to connect with each other, participate in school spirit activities, or conduct community service.

Meeting in mixed groups like this will help foster friendships and community cross-divisionally. Students will be excited when they recognize one of their school family members around campus or hear about one of their family member’s accomplishments on the sports field or stage. Faculty and staff will also get to know students from other divisions.

We are excited to launch School Families next week and hope that you will hear fun and positive stories from your child after the meetings!
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