Strategic Plan

The Meadows School Campus

A Look Forward

The Meadows School Board of Trustees, in order to safeguard the School, its financial sustainability, its enrollment, and its physical plant, adopt the following Strategic Plan, to be considered for revision annually and updated as necessary.



Excellence in a Foundational & Relevant Educational Program

In order to ensure that we deliver on the historic academic mission of our school, interpreted in the light of the current and future needs of our students, we will:
  • Continue to focus on academic excellence and developing innovative skill sets;
  • Develop new measures of success;
  • Strive for balance between tradition and innovation;
  • Support extracurricular programs;
  • Support social, emotional, and character education initiatives.

Best-Practices in Governance

In order to ensure that the school conforms to the best practices in governance, we will:
  • Work to implement a regular cycle of goal setting and evaluation for the Head;
  • Review and update trustee responsibilities;
  • Ensure we avoid conflicts of interest and breaches of confidentiality;
  • Review board composition and operations;
  • Review, streamline and update as appropriate Board by-laws;
  • Refine new trustee orientation.


Top-Flight Facilities

In order to ensure that The Meadows School’s physical facilities fully support our students, faculty and the program of the school, we will:
  • Be attentive to and create financial models to support needed enhancements;
  • Conduct feasibility studies to determine viability of funding the facilities we seek;
  • Continue to explore the possible addition of state-of-the-art science and arts facilities.


Faculty Excellence

In order to ensure that our students continue to be led and inspired by the best faculty, we will:
  • Continue to work to hire a master teacher in every classroom;
  • Fund and encourage professional development;
  • Fund the endowment to develop faculty growth;
  • Continue to benchmark salaries to remain competitive locally and nationally.

Preparation for a Diverse World

In order to give our students the best exposure to the diversity of thought, perspective and backgrounds that they will encounter for the rest of their lives; in order to deliver on our mission of producing citizens well-suited to find success in an increasingly globalized world, we will:
  • Articulate the imperative of diversity in our school;
  • Define what diversity means for our school;
  • Develop plans to achieve that diversity.


Telling The Meadows School Story

In order to better differentiate The Meadows School in the Southern Nevada marketplace; replace antiquated and inaccurate perceptions with current and aspirational ones; guide our program with a clear understanding of who we are and our commitment to those whom we serve; and foster continued long-term sustainability in our school population and financial security, we will:
  • Demonstrate our mission to prepare students for success;
  • Identify and articulate the characteristics of The Meadows School’s students and graduates;
  • Identify what we do best, and the students and families to whom that matters; empower our community with tools to explain “the Meadows difference;”
  • Examine and update as needed foundational documents;
  • Ensure that the messages about our school are few, compelling, and consistent;
  • Develop and fund the execution of a marketing plan to define and communicate our identity, our value proposition, our uniqueness and our pride.