Students work with 3-D printer at The Meadows School in Summerlin, NV

Why Meadows Students Expect and Achieve More

From Beginning School through grade 12, higher standards drive higher achievement, building students’ confidence and desire to learn more.
Our students consistently attain top scores on standardized tests and enroll in the nation’s finest colleges. But the purpose of a Meadows education is much larger: like you, we want your child to have as many options in life as possible. And that means ensuring that all students thoroughly understand not only essential academic subjects, but themselves as learners and human beings.
At every grade level, Meadows’ expert teachers set accelerated goals for the entire class, while attending to each student’s individual talents, interests, and challenges. This careful combination of high expectations and personal support inspires students to pursue achievement not simply to boost their grade-point averages, but for the satisfaction and self-assurance that well-earned success brings.
Deepening existing passions while discovering previously unknown capabilities, Meadows students seek out complex challenges in and beyond the classroom. They find opportunities where others may see only obstacles.
And a world of ever-greater possibility opens up to them.
View our curricula for Beginning School, Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School and see how our program sparks ambitions and enhances prospects.