Beginning School

Beginning School Movement Class

Preschool Ages 3-5: An Essential Foundation for Lifelong Success

The Meadows’ Beginning School launches your child into a lifetime of joyful curiosity and earned achievement. Our expert teachers tend to your child’s intellectual, emotional, social, and physical growth through a comprehensive program including language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education and health, music, art, library skills, and Spanish.
Through The Meadows’ multisensory approach, your child masters foundational concepts and skills and puts both into practice. Children cultivate vegetables in our garden to explore nature, ecology, and nutrition. They use math manipulatives to recognize and create shapes and patterns. They also learn to work, play, and communicate kindly and effectively with others. Such thoughtful activities foster your child’s confidence and competence—and, as we’ve proven over the decades, self-confidence and academic accomplishment continually fuel each other.
At The Meadows School, we believe that even our youngest students can learn more than many think possible. By providing two teachers for each class of eighteen students, our preschool children are given the intellectual tools and emotional support they need to succeed. We are able to inspire them to seek out greater challenges as they discover and deepen their individual interests.
Skillful and curious, self-assured and socially adept, your child emerges ready to pursue and exemplify excellence throughout the Meadows years and beyond.
Take a closer look at our Beginning School curriculum and please visit us soon for a tour to see all the ways your child can learn and grow with us.
Preschool SessionS Start and End Times


8:15 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.

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