College Trips Week

Junior College Trips
One distinctive hallmark of The Meadows School College Counseling program includes our week of chaperoned college visits for juniors.Each year, students have the option to visit colleges within specific geographic areas. This experience presents an exciting, educational, and eventful time to explore—visiting 8-9 colleges in 5 days along with historical and cultural sightseeing in the local area!

Colleges and universities are a lot like students in that they can be, in some ways, defined by their numbers. But just like our students, with colleges there’s so much more to consider and appreciate about each school beyond the numbers. There are qualities and characteristics of spirit, culture, and values that cannot be assessed through quantitative measurements. That is why it is so important to get boots on campus, to immerse oneself in the atmosphere at each institution, to be an informed consumer, and to discern which school is the right fit!

As College Counselors, we guide our students to consider both the formal and informal aspects of each college with a discerning eye. With each visit, students develop an astute awareness of what they like and don’t like, what they need vs. what they want, and use that knowledge to create a balanced, well-researched list of colleges to apply to in their senior year.

Junior College Trips Gallery

Junior College Trips
junior high school students in group stand in front of large grey statue
high school students sitting outside on pavement writing in notebooks
students watch teacher give presentation in front of colorful wall with television screens
high school students in group stand for picture in front of northeastern university information center
junior high school studebts in large group smile at camera outside
high school students in group stand in front of large grey statue
junior high school students with backpacks stand in courtyard in between brick buildings
students inside classroom watch people in a lab on a projected screen
junior high school students stand in group in front of griffith observatory

Meet Our College Counseling Team

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