Lower School

Lower School Music Class

Kindergarten – Grade 5: Building Academic Ambition Through Love of Learning

In our Lower School, your child works closely with expert teachers who recognize and encourage every student’s individual gifts and interests while challenging all students to continually set and attain higher goals. Through this combination of raised expectations and attentive support, your child makes our school’s motto, in pursuit of excellence, a personal aspiration and practice—and delights in every earned success.

Our elementary school curriculum is accelerated in every core subject, and our students read at one or more levels above their current grade. At the same time, students build creative insight, cultural and technical aptitude, and effective and healthy habits with intensive lessons in art, foreign languages, physical education, science, research skills, technology, coding, and the nationally renowned Orff music program.
The Meadows’ definition of excellence includes taking meaningful action for the greater good. Our Good Citizen program publicly rewards personal responsibility and acts of kindness inside and outside the classroom, fostering every child’s inherent goodwill and strengthening our school and larger community.
You can review our accelerated Lower School curriculum here. We also invite you to take a tour and see how our Lower School students define and exemplify excellence, even at this young age.