Lower School (K-5)

The Lower School division serves kindergarten through fifth grades and seeks to develop a love of learning in academically ambitious young students in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas. The traditional curriculum is based on the reading program and educational philosophy developed by founding Headmistress, Dr. LeOre Cobbley. This traditional education includes, but is not limited to: reading aloud daily, cursive writing, research projects, and timed math facts testing.

Starting with our youngest students, we "teach to the top." This mantra coined first by Dr. Cobbley describes a guiding philosophy embraced by all educators at The Meadows School. Teach to the top allows the strongest child in the class to succeed and be challenged, while showing a high bar to the others. This also allows elementary school students to focus on a student's strongest subjects. Every child has an aptitude for something, like a seed just waiting to grow. It is the teacher’s job to discover that interest and nurture its growth, which may one day become their life’s passion.

Each grade in the Lower School is divided into three classes, all with a maximum of 20 elementary school students per class. Every teacher instructs with the mission of the School at the forefront: teaching to the top in every class, instilling the excitement of learning, and celebrating the completion of challenging goals.

Elementary School Curriculum

Students in Lower School are advanced in all basic subjects and read one to three grade levels above their current grade. Creativity is nurtured and students are offered many opportunities to put personal touches on their work. In addition to regular class time, elementary school students meet with specialists throughout the week to develop skills in art, foreign languages, physical education, science, library, computers, and coding, and the nationally renowned Orff music program. The vast majority of Lower School teachers hold Master's degrees.

In addition to the challenging work learned in the classroom, the Lower School expects kindness and consideration from all students. Growth in personal responsibility and positive character development are goals in every classroom. Every Lower School teacher works with his or her students to create a Good Citizen Program presented to the student body. These programs range in themes such as animals, love, nature, and dinosaurs. The presentations incorporate public speaking, music, and dance and end with recognizing Good Citizens -- those students that go above and beyond to demonstrate kindness in and out of the classroom.

Elementary School After School Program

If your child desires further instruction, The Meadows After-School ProgramS are designed to give Lower School students opportunities for high-quality enrichment in the School's diverse arts, athletics, and academic programs. MAPS course offerings vary from year to year and are offered on a semester basis. These programs are only available to enrolled Meadows Lower School students.

For those interested in Lower School for the fall or in the future, please call or e-mail Ana Orsini for more information or see How to Apply on our website.