Advisory & House Plans

Middle School Races

Middle School Advisory

The purpose of our Middle School Advisory program is to create a small, supportive group setting for students. Meeting weekly, advisory fosters a culture of trust between a student and their teacher and peers through a variety of activities and lessons. Advisory is also a way to optimize student leadership and engagement with the school community, as groups will work on projects and service in and out of school. Additionally, advisory allows students to work on Social Emotional Learning themes, including self management, decision making, and healthy relationships. We expect all students to participate fully in advisory, as it enhances academic and social skills, as well as fosters character, discovery, inclusion, and community.

House Plans

House plans are designed to build camaraderie, leadership and spirit amongst the Middle School. House plans combine one Advisory group from each grade into a house. Eighth grade students are chosen by the faculty to be House Captains. Once a student becomes a member of a house, she will stay in that house for all three years of middle school. Throughout the year, these houses compete in fun activities. Each quarter, one house will win a trophy as well as a reward. There will also be an overall winner at the end of the school year.

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