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Speech and debate plays an integral role in advancing The Meadows School mission by teaching students the benefits of civic engagement and empowering them to be critical advocates in the classroom and community. By exposing students to a diversity of perspectives and issues, debate fosters critical thinking, empathic listening, and public speaking skills through an activity that is competitive, fun, and student-driven. At The Meadows School, debate is a co-curricular activity that gives students the opportunity to compete locally, regionally, and nationally. Meadows debate frequently competes against some of the finest academic schools in the country.

Debate can also be a cornerstone of student applications to prestigious colleges and universities.
“In my opinion, there is no better activity that will develop essential academic, professional, and life skills than dedicated involvement in speech and debate.” Minh Luong, professor of Ethics, Politics, & Economics and former Yale admissions officer.
Many elite colleges and universities offer debate scholarships and preferential admissions consideration to top-flight high school debaters. Studies have also shown that colleges and universities rank speech and debate as among the most valued experiences a student can have when applying for college.

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Our Speech & Debate Mission

The Meadows Speech and Debate team seeks to embody the values of citizenship, ethics, excellence, and sportsmanship.
"The only way to reach your potential is to continually strive to do your best. The Meadows Speech and Debate team pursues excellence in competition to promote the values of hard work and discipline throughout a student’s career."