Advisory Program
The purpose of the Upper School Advisory program is to not only provide mentorship and support to our students, but to help them continue to develop the social-emotional skills fostered by the Middle School program. Advisors create a supportive climate of trust, active listening, and cooperation with each advisee. Moreover, the program is designed to enrich their lives by connecting them to the community beyond our walls to create compassionate and curious young men and women who truly make a difference. Each year is centered around one of the four pillars of The Meadows School’s Mission Statement: community service, global citizenship, higher academic pursuits, and the love of learning. Students spend a year exploring each theme in-depth through a variety of lessons and activities during weekly meetings, which lead to a culminating project developed by each Advisory class. In addition, in the Sophomore and Junior years, students get the unique opportunity to participate in school-sponsored travel related to that year’s focus. The Upper School expects all students to participate fully in advisory, as it enhances their academic and social skills, as well as fosters character, discovery, inclusion, and community.