Lower School students write in classroom at private school in Las Vegas

Why choose The Meadows School?

From Beginning School through grade 12, The Meadows partners with you and your child to pursue true and enduring excellence.

In an increasingly global, entrepreneurial future, students need a more complete skill set than ever before. They must master a wide range of subjects and technologies. They must collaborate effectively with diverse groups of people.

They must think boldly and originally, leverage unexpected change to create new solutions, and act with the greater good in mind.

And that’s not all. When students finish college or graduate school, they may not find a predefined position waiting for them. It’s likely that your child will want and need to construct a career that currently doesn’t even exist.

In other words, your child must be ready and eager to surmount complex challenges and seize unforeseen opportunities—not only today but in a future we cannot predict.

With a Meadows education, your child graduates ready not only to excel at top colleges but to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life.

We welcome your interest and your questions. We also hope you’ll explore the rest of our website to see how our students and teachers joyfully pursue excellence together—and then begin your online application.