Windsong Scholarship

The Meadows School, with the generous support and funding of the Windsong Trust and the Andre Agassi Foundation, is pleased to introduce an extraordinary scholarship opportunity: the Windsong Trust Scholarship.

A total of 5 Windsong Scholarships will be awarded to kindergarten students to attend The Meadows Lower School for the upcoming school year with the opportunity for the scholarship to be renewed each year through the twelfth grade. These scholarships are available for students who demonstrate the skills necessary to succeed in an academically challenging college preparatory environment but whose families cannot afford the cost of private school.

While the scholarship is open to all ethnicities, based on the guidelines set forth by the Windsong Trust and the Agassi Foundation, priority will be given to students from ethnic groups in the Las Vegas community who are underrepresented at The Meadows School.

Each individual scholarship amount will be determined by a process that includes documenting the family’s ability to pay tuition and the results of an independent financial review.

Once awarded, each scholarship is guaranteed to continue through twelfth grade as long as the student recipient performs at an acceptable level (both academically and behaviorally) and the family continues to demonstrate financial need. These two criteria will be reviewed and re-confirmed at the end of each academic year.

If you are interested in applying for the Windsong Trust Scholarship for your child, please review the Required Criteria Information Sheet which details both the student and family criteria that will be used by the Windsong Trust Scholarship Committee when determining finalists and recipients.

If you believe your child and family meet the criteria and would like to be considered for a Windsong Scholarship, please be sure to meet all the deadlines on the Required Criteria Information Sheet.

If you have any questions about the Windsong Scholarship or applying, please contact our Director of Financial Aid, Karla Amezcua or by calling 702-797-5839
Thank you for your interest!