Why TMS?

The Meadows School believes that education is a three-way partnership between the student, the parent, and the School. Modeled after some of the oldest and most distinguished college preparatory schools in the nation, The Meadows takes a traditional approach to teaching, and challenges its students to achieve their maximum potential by "teaching to the top" in every classroom. In addition, The Meadows School maintains a 100% four-year college acceptance rate for all of its graduates and was ranked the fifth "Most Challenging Private High School in the Nation" by The Washington Post in 2015.

Highly qualified educators are at the heart of The Meadows’ innovative academic and extracurricular programs. Faculty members, most of whom have advanced degrees, are committed to providing a challenging learning environment for every student. The state-of-the-art campus promotes exploration and discovery while fostering a safe environment where students are encouraged to take the risks necessary to reach and surpass their potential. The admissions process supports this goal by admitting students and families who are committed to the mission of the School, and who will be active and positive members of a dynamic learning community.

We understand that selecting a school is one of the most important decisions you will make as a family. To that end, we offer our application packet and our website as avenues to learn even more about TMS. We believe, however, that the very best way to experience The Meadows is to join us for a visit.

Meadows Mustang Mascot with students