Meadows Athletics
Building courage, teamwork, and a competitive edge
At The Meadows, athletics and physical education form essential elements of our Beginning School through grade 12 curriculum. We intentionally design these programs to meet students where they are today, then help them build the stamina, technical ability, confidence, and leadership to compete at high levels—and thoroughly enjoy the game.
It is the mission of the athletic department to cultivate a culture of excellence and integrity in all aspects of interscholastic competition and to reinforce and expand lessons taught in the classroom.
In Beginning School, PE lessons ensure your child develops coordination, sportsmanship, and lifelong beneficial habits. The Lower School program builds on these basics, fostering physical strength and increasingly complex technical skills along with resilience, self-awareness, and a healthy competitive spirit.
In Middle School, your child can deepen current skills or discover new passions by joining competitive athletic teams, such as volleyball, flag football, and cross country. Our Upper School fields a full range of junior varsity and varsity teams, including football, baseball, basketball, bowling, volleyball, tennis, and more. The Meadows School has won over 50 state championships, and numerous student-athletes have gone on to compete at the college level.
Equally strong in body, mind, and character, our student-athletes vividly represent the definition of excellence at The Meadows. We welcome you to cheer on the Mustangs at an upcoming game!

Encouraging Physical Fitness at Every Age

Beginning School

The Beginning School encourages physical education and health for all age groups. Large muscle skills are developed through balance beam, hopping, galloping, and jumping. Life skills through sports and games such as teamwork, good sportsmanship, and following auditory instructions are also introduced. Additionally, lessons in major body parts, nutrition, and healthy habits are part of the yearly curriculum.

Lower School

The physical education program is a sequential development of physical, mental, and emotional fitness through basic, creative movement. This includes skill development, sportsmanship, and aspects of mental, social, and physical health. For more details on the Lower School physical education program, please review our Lower School curriculum guide.

Middle School

All students who do not play on an atletic team in Middle School will have a Physical Education Class four times a week. These classes are designed to teach basic sports skills as well as teach students how to mailtain a healthy and active lifestyle. A P.E. uniform is not required in Middle School.

Upper School

In Upper School, 2 years of Physical Education courses or 4 seasons playing a sport are required for graduation.