Human Performance

Meadows Weight Room
The mission of our strength and conditioning program is to develop, enhance, and optimize human performance through the integration of training, nutrition, recovery, education and leadership.

To achieve this, we focus on the the following:
  • Training: Deliver principles and evidence-based training programs to develop strength, mobility, speed, change of direction, agility, and energy system development.
  • Nutrition: Provide sound nutrition advice and guidelines to optimally fuel health and performance in the class and in sports.
  • Recovery: Provide students with strategies to recover so that they can adapt to stress and stimulus.
  • Education: Teach the proper movement patterns with their progressions and regressions, nutrition, habits, and recovery modalities.
  • Leadership: Educate and create habits to track health with the goal of having students take ownership of their health and performance.
  • Integration: Provide systems to integrate the factors of human performance with the goal of maximizing student's human performance in sports and life.