Campus Life

Private upper school students outside

How Our Shared Values Shape a Vibrant Culture

A welcoming, exciting home for learners of all ages, The Meadows School fosters a culture of curiosity, judicious risk-taking, and unwavering support for every member of our school family.
We encourage students at all grade levels to seek out new experiences while deepening existing interests and talents. Expanding students’ capabilities and comfort zones, we reject labels—so you’ll regularly see star athletes singing in the school musical or our top debaters creating colorful paintings for an art show.
We also believe that a fine education must benefit the larger community, not just individual students. To that end, we offer all students an impressive range of service opportunities. From serving as community helpers in Beginning School, to creating Good Citizenship programs in Lower School, to joining or starting service-focused clubs in Middle and Upper School, our students make helping others a lifelong practice.
Our Meadows culture of serving and engaging isn't just for the students. Our families and friends come together to cheer on our student athletes, artists, and performers all year long. We create other occasions to share and celebrate through on-campus volunteer opportunities, dances, coffees, and Meadows traditions like the Pancake Breakfast, Trunk or Treat, Homecoming Week, Spring Carnival, Battle for the Bell, and more.
We invite you to join this one-of-a-kind community as we pursue excellence—and have great fun—together. Visit us soon to experience The Meadows culture for yourself.