Beginning School Distance Learning

The Meadows School Campus
The Beginning School teachers have been hard at work preparing distance learning for the students. The best way to ask teachers a question is by email. They will check for messages during normal school hours. We understand that because our students are so young that the parents will be doing the heavy lifting during our school closure.

What we are sending to parents:
  • Your child’s teacher will send you a daily email, Monday through Friday.
  • Full-day students’ parents will receive two emails: one from the Academics teacher and one from the Explorers teacher.
  • Teachers will not be sending individualized instruction to each student. Reading groups as we know them are on hold until we return to school, as these require student/teacher contact.
  • Each email will give a brief outline of the day’s lessons. Teachers have the option of sending “Friday Fun Day" content on Fridays rather than the usual content.
  • Most emails will include additional content for supplemental enrichment.
  • The messages will include content in the following formats:
    • Attached pdf documents to view or print.
    • Links to video clips with content for learning.
    • Links to teacher-prepared video clips.
    • Links to recommended websites.
  • Content will vary from our usual lessons to accommodate distance learning.
Expectations for at-home distance learning:
  • Please try to stay current on reading, writing and math topics. If your child is in Explorers, please try to discuss the weekly theme each day.
  • Do not send completed work to teachers by email or send a stack of completed work and art projects when we return to school. Each class will be setting up special “show-and-tell” times for students where they may bring a few favorite items to share with teachers and classmates.
  • The teachers will send many, many ideas for enrichment and fun activities. It would be overwhelming to try them all. Choose those your child is interested in exploring or find your own.
  • Keep in mind that we do not expect more than about 15 minutes of sustained focus on one type of school work before we change activities. Play is work for preschoolers.
  • Time can be used to practice useful life skills, such as zipping, buttoning and shoe tying. Nose blowing and handwashing are also areas that need practice.
  • Creative art and writing never get old for most children.
  • Outdoor time will benefit children and families.
There are many websites available with learning ideas for families. Many of these have waived fees while so many children are not in school. One we like is Learn at Home by Scholastic. There is also an excellent list of resources available at

Finally, we will miss our students each day. Enjoy the unexpected at-home time with your wonderful children. We know this is challenging for many reasons, and we truly appreciate every parent for working with your children during this time. Everyone, be well.

Most sincerely,
Sara Carlson
Beginning School Director

If your child’s teacher sent items home on Friday, March 13th, to be used while school is closed and your student was not here to receive them and you would like to pick them up from the Beginning School office, please confirm with the teacher that the items are ready for you. The teacher will forward the request to me and I will contact you to set up a time. I will need to give your name to security at the gate. Please note that not all classes had time to get papers ready and that many of the items sent home can be scanned and emailed. Please plan to come in no later than Friday, March 20th. 

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