Middle School Distance Learning

The Meadows School Campus
Our faculty has been working hard in order to provide meaningful and productive lessons to keep your child’s education moving forward. Keeping some type of schedule will ease the transition during this difficult time and allow us to eventually resume life as we knew it. I think one of the upsides is that our students will be more grateful about being at school when they return to campus.

As part of our distance learning program, all Middle School classes have a Google Classroom page our teachers are using to communicate with students as well as a variety of educational resources. Most classes have daily deadlines for when work needs to be submitted. Students should be in dialogue with their teachers with questions. Most teachers have posted available hours when they can be reached, which are usually similar to school hours. Please understand that these assignments and lessons are mandatory and that teachers have designed assessments and grading will continue.

We are living in unprecedented times and flexibility and communication will be the key in making this system work. Please continue to communicate with your child’s teachers and don’t hesitate to reach out to me with concerns.

Brian Siegel
Middle School Director

Middle School Virtual Class Meeting Schedule

Beginning Monday, 3/23, each Middle School student will have time to visually and vocally check in with their teacher in every class. The teachers will be sending out email links to Zoom conferences and these class meetings are required

Monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday

Period A

Period B
Period C
Period D
Period E
Period F
Period G
Period H

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