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Our faculty has been working tirelessly over the past week in anticipation of this shutdown, and we met on campus Tuesday, March 17th, for our previously scheduled in-service to collaborate and provide additional support as regards our online platforms and to tie up any loose ends.

The benefit we have in the Upper School with this age group is that part of what we already do is prepare our students for the content and mode of delivery that they are sure to encounter at the college level. Much of this involves online delivery of such and a multitude of web-based learning systems and discussion platforms, etc. In other words, your children are already familiar with what they will be required to do in the coming weeks. And, although Zoom and Screencast and Google Meet are not quite the same as face-to-face engagement in a classroom setting, it will have to be a close second.

We do not want to overwhelm you with mass communication, but I did want to reach out to assure you that your children are in good hands (currently virtual ones) and that we will continue to provide them with the quality education you would expect, as well as the consistency, stability, and sense of community necessary at a time like this.

Speaking of stability and consistency, let me suggest to you that you provide, or empower your children to determine, a routine for what would normally be their school days and hours. There are a number of resources available, which will be listed on this page under Social Emotional Resources as Ms. Hersh provides them, which have suggestions on how best to do this–find what will work for the situation in your home. Create a dedicated space in the common area of the home where work can be done effectively and efficiently. Encourage breaks, walks outside, any type of physical activity (Charles Sams has already reached out to our student-athletes to provide them with a specialized at-home workout regimen) that gets them up and moving or gets them outside for some fresh air and sunlight. And, continue to be engaged in what your children are doing "at school;" ask them about their online day at the dinner table as you normally would.

Our main system of communication with them and with you will continue to be MyMeadows/Veracross. Assignments, grades, progress reports, etc. will continue to be posted and sent as usual. The teachers have already been communicating with students, and surely, some have already reached directly out to you. As ever, feel free to reach out to them with any questions or concerns you may have.

Finally, please know that I am thinking of you and your families while we go through this situation unprecedented during our lifetime. Whether you are in the medical field and are already overwhelmed and exhausted, or the service industry and are helplessly being forced to stay at home, every one of us is being affected, and my best wishes go out to you.

Dana Larson
Upper School Director

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