Annual Fund Ambassador

Become an Annual Fund Ambassador

At The Meadows, our roots in excellence run deep. We need your support to deliver the amazing Meadows experience. 

Welcome to The Meadows School Annual Fund Ambassador Program! We invite you to step forward and become a beacon of hope and progress. By joining our ranks, you'll play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between tuition and the cost of world-class education at The Meadows School.

Why Become an Ambassador?

Make an Impact:
Help shape the future of The Meadows School and ensure every student has access to unparalleled educational resources.

Strengthen Community:
Deepen your connection with fellow parents, alumni, and school faculty, working together under a shared mission.

Exclusive Insights:
Receive first-hand updates on school developments, progress, and future plans.

Why Does an Ambassador Do?

Promote the significance of the Annual Fund to the school community, ensuring its success and sustainability.

Organize and attend events, facilitate discussions, and champion the importance of the Annual Fund.

Share the benefits and successes of the Annual Fund with potential donors and provide clarity around its purpose.


How much time commitment is required?
Becoming an ambassador is flexible. We value your contribution, be it an hour a week or more dedicated efforts during specific campaigns.

Is there training involved?
Yes! We offer comprehensive training to equip all our ambassadors with the tools they need to succeed.

Join Us!

Ready to make a lasting impact on The Meadows legacy? Sign up online or by calling 702-797-5901 and become a voice for our mission.

Become an ambassador


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