Visual Arts

Visual Arts Program
Visual arts affect us personally, socially, and culturally. At The Meadows, we seek to help students explore this media through wide exposure, critical examination, and age-appropriate curricula. Our courses are carefully designed to help students discover their talents and find their voice.

Beginning School

Our youngest students benefit from a comprehensive art program that includes creative drawing, painting from imagination, and working with clay. Teacher-directed art activities are designed to develop listening skills and following directions. Art appreciation is introduced as students grow in age and maturity with lessons on the Masters and experimentation with painting in this style, as well as integrated writing with art.

Lower School

Lower School art takes place in the classroom and happens throughout the year. Teachers lead instruction for most projects, although professional artists help with more involved assignments. Art in the Lower School serves to encourage a life-long participation in the arts and to develop skills and an appreciation for the craft.

Middle School

Our Middle School visual arts program continues to build on the knowledge gained in Lower School through 2D and 3D media projects. Students demonstrate their ability to experiment with a large variety of media to produce unique artwork. Students continue to build skills and develop a personal aesthetic that drives their creative thinking and expression. Students are actively involved in their own learning, bringing about new understandings and fresh relationships between ideas.

Upper School

The Upper School visual arts curriculum continues artistic development through a variety of classes that encourage students to further cultivate their individual artistic voices. Conversations about classical and contemporary artists help students understand the artistic process, while explorations in traditional, multimedia, and 3D techniques guide the development of each student portfolio. Shows are hosted throughout the year in the Mary B. Smith Gallery.